any one can think how this climed the home

present trend in indian about moms

please write your comment for this indian person

Major difference in love and arranged marriage

generation gap in humans and electronices

every roaders thinking while road crossing

is it better idea or funny idea, comment please

what is the meaning for this, very funny zebra crossing

he is the best famous. do u aggree with me

How he is. don't laugh. just see this.

Why this is Narendra modi is great

What you are thinking about by seeing this

why spider-man not willing to live in india

every funny problem in winter season

Where kids are willing to sleep at nights

Why sana and Robo love failed in this movie

what people feels this work

what people feels this work

What unemployed people thinking funny in India

this is the reason for every bodys answer. only matured people understand this

What he asked the god. can u guess the joke here

The New match find on same image finding tools

The real logic ever

the new domniinos advertisement. coming soon

The perfect answer to your family

post this on your Facebook timeline and save yourself

reason for Pakisthani girls crying

reason for Ronold McDonald site out side every time

only city people can understand this

perfect reason for why girls are fools

observe this respect from old PM to New PM

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